Monday, February 13, 2012

She said 'I think I'll go to Boston...' Part 4

I find it amazing that the easiest part of this journey has been getting the job offer. Shouldn't that have been the hard part?{ I can't tell you the number of people who have told me I am lucky to get a job in this economy. I hadn't really considered that. In fact, I haven't properly celebrated getting this job....} Instead, everything else has been a process. Not only has my background check NOT processed through {even though she said Friday would be the earliest...I'm not the most patient of people and do you know how difficult it is to go and look at places and talk with people when you absolutely no idea when you start date is? Sure. I'll agree to live here? } but the showings proved to be difficult, too. Come to think of it....In the last, 7 years, I've only looked at one place. So, that could very well be apart of my issue. I looked at 3 places yesterday. The first one went like this: 22 year old girl greets me in underwear (okay, so maybe they were shorts but they were so small, they could have passed for boy cut underwear) and a tank top. Do I need to say anymore? The second one can best be described as a speed date. I wish I could take credit for that term, but she coined it. It was a perfect analogy. Well, not that I've speed-dated before, but if I did, I'd imagine it would go a lot like this did: "What are you pet peeves"--"What annoying habits to you have?"--Place was gorgeous. Owner was sweet. Not the most 'comfortable' fit, but probably could make it work. The third place can best be described as "future hoarder". I mean that nicely. The couple was very nice and explained that her boyfriend had just moved in (after 4 me, I am not one to judge but....) and she didn't quite know what to do with the 'stuff'. The 4th roommate stays to herself, they think it's a culture thing. It just didn't sit right with me. I realized that I was so overwhelmed with looking at ads, that I was bound to just pick a place to be done with it. The smart part of me told me that this wasn't the situation to do that in. I needed to find a place where I'd be comfortable, where I could invite people over, and where I could unwind after work for starters. So back to the drawing board, I went. Then I found this: Insert Basement Apartment here. I decided to email the link to the boy who immediately replied, "call that one." Call? Whattyamean? I had already emailed them back.... Oh wait! Re-read the ad, and wouldn't you know that I completely overlooked the phone number. My attention to detail is clearly on a hiatus. I'm seriously slacking. I call. She calls back a few hours later. Not only does she try and talk me out of it because it's not 'close' to Boston, but she tells me it may not be available in 2 days (as I'm planning on taking Wednesday off to schedule viewings). >>Insert exasperated sigh here <<  I casually mention that I'm dating someone in a nearby town and that I'm not a 'stay out all night and party' girl but more of a 'glass of wine and read a book' girl. She laughs. She says, " well, you can send your boyfriend over to look at it if you want." Uhm really? I can't quite wrap my head around that as I would assume as a landlord, you'd want to meet the person that will be renting from you, not their significant other but hey... I really need a place to live and I like this I call my sweet and deathly ill boyfriend and explain the situation. He sets an appointment with her. Now, I'm not sure if I've mentioned before how ridiculously good my boyfriend is at reading people. He is likely the best judge of character, I've ever known in my life. Less than 5 minutes on the phone and he had already pegged her. He's that good. And in probably less than 5 minutes, he's sweet-talked this lady into renting to me. Voila. Little girl from Maine going to the big city finally has a place of her own. I'm afraid I'm going to love it so much that I won't want to move in with him. I am so ridiculously happy to be done perusing craigslist. Also, ridiculously lucky to have such a supportive man in my life.

That's a great segway {spell check does not like this is a word isn't it?} to discuss Valentine's Day, right? I can make you all nauseous by telling you that every day feels like Valentine's Day with him? I've made plenty of jokes that I want chocolate covered strawberries, perfume, and a card. But honestly, I don't need or want anything different than what I already have.  I would agree that Valentine's Day has been a 'hallmark' holiday for a while now. Now me, I love cards. So, any holiday that involves cards is right up my alley. I also love, love. You'd think I'd be incredibly jaded, but I'm not. {Hence my tears during The Vow} But, I don't need a designated day to feel loved as he makes me feel loved and special {Sorry, babe, I'm pretty sure I just stole your line...} It also didn't stop me from getting him a card and a little "something" for our first Valentine's Day. I am scrapbooking our first year, after all:)

Now, c'mon Prudential, send me an email to confirm my offer is final...

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