Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Day Challenge – Day Five {6 Places}

1. Nashville, Tennessee
Why? Because it was the first place I went on a plane. June of 2004. Country Music Festival with KL. One of the best times I have had in my life. {Oh and obviously I fell head over heels in love with cowboys...who knew that would come to fruition?}

2. Orlando, Florida
Why? Because I landed myself an all expenses paid trip through work. It was an unbelievable experience. Not only was it a fantastic confernce, we got rock star treatment which included but  not limited to: no lines, behind the scenes stories, and unbelievable food (Mickey Mouse Pancakes were delicious). Oh and I cried when I saw the castle...

3. Negril, Jamaica
Why? Despite being my honeymoon destination, it was the first time I had ever left the country and I fell in love with white sand and sunsets.  It was also the first time I experienced poverty. It was incredibly eye opening.

4. Mt Katahdin, Maine
Why? Because after arriving at 9pm in 4 inch heels, AME and I set up our tent in the dark and hiked the following morning despite the Park Rangers raising their eyebrows at us and asking us if we were sure we were going to hike. It was so liberating. Someday, I would like to do it again.

5. Boston, Massachusetts
Why? I.Just.Love.It.

6. Paris, France
Why? Growing up, I was convinced I would get married under the Eiffel Tower...and then I realized there's a river...so that ruined that. But, being the romantic I am, of course I want to see the City of Love {Though, I've heard it's dirty and not nearly as pretty as they make it out to be in pictures, movies and books.}

I did not expect this post to be as difficult as it was. I thought I would struggle to come up with 6 places. Now, that I'm at a point where travel is now an option, I want to see everything I can. In no particular order: New York City, Grand Canyon, the Hollywood sign, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, sun set on the west coast, a beach in Florida, Niagra Falls, the mountains out west, cornfields, and a lonely cactus in the middle of the desert...

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