Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She said 'I think I'll go to Boston...' Part 1

The last two days have been a whirl-wind of emotion.....

Let me give you the back story before I word vomit every crazy thought that is consuming my mind right  now.

I can't say that I've been unhappy at my current place of employment, but as of lately, I was very dissatisfied with my opportunity for growth. In addition, there was the "let's move in" this summer discussion. As always, I got way ahead of myself and thought When I have babies at home, I don't really want to spend 2 hours of my day on the road, do I? No..no, I don't. So, it came down to commuting or finding a different job. I found myself entirely stressed out about the whole prospect and ultimately decided I had too much invested to leave my current job and I would commute. After all, lots of people commuted and imaginary babies can't sway my decision, right? Right. So, that was that. I was done stressing about work.

And then I attended a baby shower for a friend of mine on the 15th of January. In casual conversation we discussed work and she mentioned her company was hiring. I laughed and asked if I could work from home. She eagerly said yes. I don't know what possessed me to actually look at their job board, but I did. Thursday night, I perused the career section. Maine had nothing of interest as I have no {zero.zilch.} interest in paying claims. {My January stint in the CCC this month drove that point home.} So, I thought it wouldn't hurt to look in Mass. I ran across a job that fit the bill. Internal thought process: apply and see what happens.  you don't need the job. you have a lot invested. you have nothing to lose. So, I applied. I woke up Friday morning to a personal email. {Yes, personal. Not one of those HR generated auto-reply emails.} They were interested in speaking with me the following Tuesday. {I am not entirely sure why I was so surprised. After all, I had a near perfect background for the job. Never-the-less, I was surprised.} So, I mentioned to my friend that I happened to apply. You know that saying that it is all about who you know? Boy, do I believe in that. My friend happened to know the account manager in the office and fired off a generously nice email. Monday, I received an email indicating that it was short notice but inquiring on whether I could go to Boston for an in-person interview. I panicked. It was becoming all too real. {Luckily for me, the boy was going to be home to be my personal chauffeur because I knew nervous me wouldn't be able to rationally handle driving into the city, parking, AND being on time without having a major anxiety attack} I was so focused on my in-person interview that I completely disregarded the "Tuesday Phone Interview." {Interject key fact here: I found out that lady 'interviewing' me was the hiring manager} Tuesday rolls around and I'm in the middle of a phone interview that I'm so.not.prepared for. I answer the best I can and tell her that I wasn't as prepared as I should have been because I was so focused on the in person interview. She's easy to talk to. Fast forward to the last question of the interview: "Describe your closet." I already like her.

Thursday rolls around. I'll spare you the details of the awful mood I was in. We're talking awful. My confidence level was tetering. I felt fat. You know all those irrational thoughts girls have when they're nervous. {Oh wait. I'm probably the only person that resorts to degrading herself when she's nervous} Anywho. It wasn't good. Not sure if I've mentioned before how ridiculously awesome the boy is, but he is. He did that thing he always does. He read my mind. One look at me and he said "Your mind is already made up, isn't it?" Exhale. "Yeah, it is." So, we agreed that I'd go. I'd give them my best and that was I all I could do. He calmed me down. He got me in the car. {I tortured him with every girl empowerment song I could find on my ipod during the drive in....okay, it wasn't total torture....he was a great sport}

Walking through the Prudential building felt different than the times before. As I listened to my heels click, I became very self aware of my interview attire, the way I was carrying my binder and the way my hand felt in his. I felt different. I questioned whether I really belonged there. Would a little girl from Maine blend into this big city? He assured me I would. I was just starting to believe him until Prudential Tower fiasco. Let's just say,  I am not accustomed to ushered elevators. I do the security thing, find my way to the right "row" of elevators and make my way to the 14th floor. I take a right out of the elevator and find the door on the left as described. I march right up to it and attempt to open. Yes, attempt. Because guess what? The damn door is locked. Yup. Just as described in my email. Step 1: Can she follow directions? Fail. I take a deep breath, step back around the corner, gather myself, and ring the door bell. Interview lasts somewhere between 13-15 minutes. No behavioral interview questions. No 'give me an example of a time when you...' No grilling. Nothing like that. They introduce me to everyone in the office and hiring manager says she'll be in contact the end of the following week, possibly beginning of the next week.

I go down the elevator and I think to myself, not only was that the easiest interview I've ever had, but I could do this...I could be a city girl...Couldn't I?

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