Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ten Day Challenge – Day Nine {2 Songs}

 1. Asphalt Cowboy-Jason Aldean
I know you'll never believe that I cried when he first had me listen to this song. {I know, unheard of, right?} Now, I listen to it at least once, if not a million times when he's gone...and it is also his ring tone.

I'll brag just a little, because he does actually have pictures of me in his truck

2. Bulletproof-Steel Magnolia
Thank you Pandora for introducing me into this little gem yesterday. It is now my weekly song obsession.
"This fragile little girl has a new suit of armor"

One more day of this challenge. As the end approaches, I become increasingly worried about whether or not I'll have things to write that will be not only worth blogging about but worth reading. Time shall tell, I suppose. The challenge has been thought provoking, that's for sure.

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