Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ten Day Challenge – Day One {10 Secrets}

Okay, so I have decided that I am going to give this another go round...I can't lie, the more I read Helen's blog, the more it made me want to blog again, so here goes...

1) I check facebook compulsively. I mean, I think morning and night are completely acceptable, {Wait, did I mention EVERY morning and EVERY night? } but sometimes I hit the facebook app on my phone and I don't even realize it. It's bad. I know. 

2) I went to 9 different schools growing up, which is why I'm so adament that when I settle down and have a family, I refuse to change my children's school. {Also, why I'm so in love with Facebook, because it enables me to keep in contact with the many amazing people I met along the way}

3) I'm scared to get another pet. Pets and I don't seem to work out too well. Ex #1 and #2 both ended up with OUR dogs. I met a sweet little pitbull the other night and it literally made my heart hurt. I miss Maximus so much {but I know he's happy}

4) I sleep with my boyfriend's t-shirt at night. It's kinda weird, right?  There is something about the familiar smell, I swear it helps me sleep better. 
5) I care WAY too much about what other people think. It is something that I am ardently working on.

6) Above all else: I.Just.Want.To.Be.A.Mother. {I'm sure you got that from my previous blog, so maybe it isn't really a secret} A quick head count has me at 9. 9 of my friends are currently pregnant. Irrationally, I have myself convinced that I'll be the last of everyone to have children. {You did take a mental note that I used the word 'irrationally' right?}  Now, I know that's not true. I know there's a time and place for everything. I know that my time will come. BUT. It doesn't ease the longing. 

7) When I like a song, I listen to it on repeat for days on end. I am always amazed when I happen to look at the number of plays on Itunes. {IE: Luke Bryan's 'I don't want this night to end'-81 plays. 81...really? Next in line is 54...}

8) Some people are salty. Some people are sweet. Me, I'm sweet. I cannot say no to sweets in any form. It usually isn't a huge issue until the holiday season hits. I can say no to dessert at a restaurant. I can check out at the grocery store without buying a candy bar. I can usually go into Dunkin Donuts without ordering at least 1 donut hole. I can't say no when someone brings me cookies. I can't say no when sweets are readily in front of me. I spend the majority of Jan Feb and March whining that I gained too much weight during the holidays and will spend the majority of winter and spring trying to work it all off. This happens to me every year. And every year I say, I won't do this again. I'll have them in moderation. Psh. I haven't succeeded yet. {Which means you lucky readers can prepare for the ' oh.my.gawd. I need to go to the gym for 8 bajillion hours blogs}

9) While we're on the subject of food. I'm obsessed with anything and everything pumpkin. Pumpkin Bread. Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin lattes. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. Pumpkin Cheesecake. Pumpkin Muffins...You get the drift, right? {I fear I'm starting to sound like Bubba Gump talkin' 'bout shrimp}

10) Last but not least. I'm madly in love with other people's wedding photos. I can literally lose hours of my life scrolling through other people's big day. I chalk it up to the romantic in me. I believe in love. And luckily for me, I have some very talented photographer friends. { Here's a shout out to Patty, Stacie, and Dan }

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  1. 1) I too check FB obsessively. I'm not even going to admit how many times per day.

    2) waaaaa that picture of Max made me tear up :(

    3) I love Patty!! She did Gina's wedding, I'm keeping her in mind for my own. (You know, when that day comes.)